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College of Physical Education and Tourism
in Sopot, Poland

Founded in 2002, WSWFiT stands above the park on the cliff top facing the sea in Sopot, the most prestigious seaside resort in Poland on the Gulf of Gdansk. Actually, Sopot is a spa located between the two large cities, full of history Gdansk and modern Gdynia, which make up the Tri-City. Although the College campus – where is also a student’s hostel – is beautifully set, it is situated within easy reach by road, railway (1 mile away from the railway station) and by air (12 miles to the airport), let alone the Tri-City public transport.

The College offers undergraduate courses aiming to teach and train highly qualified staff for tourism industry as well as physical education, sport and recreation. Available in both full-time and extramural modes, the courses last for three years and lead to the B.Sc. degree which enables our graduates to continue their education on the graduate courses run by the universities and colleges in the corresponding lines of studies.

Our graduates obtain B.Sc. degrees in Physical Education – specialising in P.E. teaching or sport management – and also in Tourism and Recreation – specialising in hotel management, tour operation (both planning and execution), and running travel agencies as well as recreation (including special interest holidays). Having high qualifications and relevant skills in management of specialised businesses, human resources management, organising and holding of holidays and events, good command of foreign languages (particularly English) and IT, those who graduate in Tourism and Recreation are ready to meet challenges faced by the tour operators, hotels, holiday complexes, tourist information centres as well as local authorities or government organisations.

Development of the curricula – in which the practical subjects prevail over theory – was based on their professional usefulness to meet the labour market demand. The College places a lot of importance on teaching foreign languages and Information Technology as determinants of the graduates’ future success. This distinguishes WSWFiT from other universities and colleges.

Regular lectures and classes are supplemented by the sportive training holidays held in summer (focused on water sports, especially sailing and wind-surfing) and in winter (skiing and snow-boarding orientated).

During the course of studies, our students also have 15 weeks of industrial training held in hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, guest-houses, natural reserves and parks of outstanding natural beauty, farmhouse holiday points, sport clubs etc. It is at the students option to choose, or even find, the industrial training site as it may enhance their opportunities for future employment. Apart from the national tourist trade fairs, our students also go to London for Travel Market international trade fair and to Berlin for the famous IT which can be another site of the industrial training.

Our students have an opportunity to do variety of courses for tour leaders, tour guides, holiday centre managers, tourist information centre managers, life-guards, sport instructors, etc.